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All about us


Skin protection, skin cleansing, skin care - for over 50 years, we at rath's have had just one objective: your skin should stay really healthy. And we are completely committed to this objective. We are craftspeople who know exactly what other craftspeople need. Professional skin protection by professionals for professionals. Made in Germany.

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Close to our customers

We research, we produce - and we supply exactly what is required in the industry and trade. On an international basis. No fancy frills. Rath’s means: skin protection, cleansing and care from a single source. Clear product lines with precisely defined performances. And the matching dosage dispensers.


rath’s supplies company-specific skin protection plans for a multitude of branches and areas of application. It's obvious: A tradesperson wielding a screwdriver needs a different skin protection to a florist. So that you always have the right product, we provide intensive training and accurate information as required.


All the products we develop and manufacture are stringently and carefully tested by dermatologists for their compatibility and effectiveness. Rath’s Skin protection – this is tested quality acc. DIN EN ISO 9001. You can always depend on this.
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Made in Germany

rath’s has its roots firmly in the Muensterland region. At the company headquarters in Senden, 15 employees busy themselves with research and production. We stand for the responsible use of all resources. Satisfied colleagues; satisfied customers. That way, working is fun.