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Our skin

A challenge for specialists

Our skin, the horny layer and the hydrolipid layer are the natural barrier between our bodies and the environment. This composition is thinner than a sheet of paper - and yet still to a great extent prevents the penetration of foreign objects and the loss of the skin's own moisture. The primary aim is to retain and support these natural functions.
Our skin

Dry skin is an indication of damage. By now at the latest, protection and care measures are required.

Grease and moisture loss as a consequence of severe stress have an adverse effect on the natural barrier function of the skin. Particularly hazardous is frequent contact with water-mixed cooling lubricants, acids and lyes and washing and cleaning solutions, but also contact with water and damp foods.

Intensive hand cleansing after contact with oils, greases and highly-adhesive contamination (paint, glue etc.) also creates problems, as well as sweating and the accumulation of moisture under air-tight protective gloves.

rath’s Unsere Haut

Minor, constant stresses which are not even noticed at first also eventually start to overstrain the skin.



are intended to prevent skin irritation as far as possible. For this reason, skin protection specialists are required here. What is important when selecting a protection product is the alignment to the working or hazardous substance.

The selection of the right cleansing product is also decisive. It is always important to orientate the products to the type and scope of the dirt. Cleansing should take place as gently as possible so that the skin is not subjected to unnecessary strain. This is achieved through skin protection during work, and doing without cleansing products containing solvents and abrasives or mechanical aids such as pumice stones and brushes. Very important is also thorough rinsing of the skin with a lot of water, and careful drying.


Incorrect skin cleansing is one of the main causes of skin diseases. Thinners or cold cleaners are absolutely unsuitable.

Skin care is mandatory during work and leisure time. Care products prevent chapped, dry and cracked hands and retain the natural protective function of the skin. Well cared-for skin not only looks better, but is also more resistant.