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Skin protection for metalworking trade

Skin protection products have one main task: they are intended to suppress contact as effectively as possible between the skin and substances which attack the skin. For this reason, specialists in this field are required, as the protective product should be perfectly aligned to the working materials and harmful substances. We will be happy to help you select suitable products and create a company-specific skin protection plan.

For long-lasting skin care, we recommend rath’s care medium Skin care lotion. Our smooth lotion is soft and distributes itself wonderfully over the skin: rath’s care medium cares for the skin and prevents chapped, cracked and dry hands. The lotion is ideal for full-body care, too, and is quickly absorbed. This slightly fatty, highly-effective care intensively promotes the regeneration of stressed skin. rath's care medium contains valuable active ingredients such as allantoin, panthenol and bisabolol.