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Skin protection plans for skin cleansing products, skin care products for different branches

rath’s Skin protection plans

Admittedly, sometimes rules and regulations can be highly irritating. But where the skin is concerned, it is in the interests of your own safety to occupy yourself more with the subject of protection and care. To prevent every branch and every company having to reinvent the wheel, we have so-called Skin protection plans. These plans are not just part of our offer, but are expressly expected by the trade unions.

Skin protection plans provide companies and employees with specific guidelines as to which skin protection, skin cleansing and skin care products are suitable for different areas of application. The employer is obligated to provide appropriate plans and to make these known to all employees in a suitable form, for example by hanging up a notice. By the way: Skin protection, skin cleansing and skin care products must be provided by the employer free of charge.

We at rath’s don't leave our customers hanging regarding the selection of suitable products: We support you during the creation of your individual skin protection plan for your company.

Is your branch not included? No problem: Call us, and we will supply you with all the required data.

Our offer stands: We will collaborate with you to prepare individual rath's Skin protection plans for your company or for your department. As soon as the specific Skin protection concept has been completed, you will receive from us the required quantity of Skin protection plans - also available with your logo - free to the door. Laminated in foil. This is because Skin protection plans, too, last longer if they are well-protected!